Dave Biser

Vision Pastor

Email: dbiser@xpointumc.org

Kent Wyatt

Director of Operations

Email: kwyatt@xpointumc.org

Stephanie Schaefer

Executive Director

Email: sschaefer@xpointumc.org

Bobby Wehner

Worship Leader

Email: bwehner@xpointumc.org

Josh Crump

Director of Multimedia

Email: jcrump@xpointumc.org

Mary Cote

Associate Pastor of Worship and Next Gen

Email: mcote@xpointumc.org

Jio Hardy

Student Ministries Colonial Park

Email: jhardy@xpointumc.org

Matt Reichard

Associate Pastor of Family and Community Life

Email: mreichard@xpointumc.org

Ashely Mchale

Children Ministry Coordinator

Email: amchale@xpointumc.org

Michelle Clark

Preschool Director

Email: nurseryschool@xpointumc.org

Suzanne Brubacher

CrossPoint Early Learning Center Director

Email: sbrubacher@xpointumc.org

Mary Lauchle

CrossPoint Early Learning Center Assistant Director

Email: mlauchle@xpointumc.org

Brooklyn Balisnomo

Office Manager


Dustin Sharbono

Facilities Manager

Email: facilities@xpointumc.org

Linda Nguyen



Tina Tatnall

Food Pantry Director


Robert Frey

Handbell Ministries Director

Brenda Pulaski

Worship Coordinator

Leadership Council

Chair: Bob Ruth

Vice-Chair: Andrew Barnes

Secretary: Dave Hollenbeck

Chamane Gilmore

Becky Griffin

Donald Klein

Elyse Hammaker

Amy Moritz

Dr. David Richard

Dee Romberger

Adam Stewart