Our mission is to love God, love others and make disciples

Our Core Values


We believe that worshipping together each week is essential for every believer. Worship is a life blood for everyone so, we are committed to being a community that worships as a church family each week.


We strive to create community inside our walls and in the community around us. We believe that people are called to be a part of a vibrant faith community.  We want everyone to be a part of what we call a LifeGroup – a small group of people who meet on a regular basis to talk about life and faith. We are also involved in doing work right in the neighborhoods right around us. We are involved in our local elementary school and we offer a clothing and food bank; the opportunities are endless.

Preaching and Teaching

The preaching and teaching ministries of CrossPoint are an important part of the journey with Jesus. Each week we provide a message and teaching that helps us grow in our faith. We provide classes that help believers grow in the faith and life with Jesus.

World Missions

We are uncompromisingly steadfast about reaching people around the world with the message of Jesus Christ and the salvation God offers us all. From our work in the greater Harrisburg area to Sierra Leone, West Africa, to South East Asia, reaching out around the world is something God has called us to.


This core value speaks to the risk-taking DNA that is a part of a congregation that started as a risk in 1924. CrossPoint has never been satisfied with the status quo. We’ve never been satisfied with doing just enough. We have launched many different ministries and we’ve sent out many leaders, because the church needs innovators.


Our History

CrossPoint Church is a United Methodist community located in the Harrisburg District of the Central Pennsylvania Susquehanna Methodist Conference. Our mission is to love God, love others and make disciples. With beginnings in 1922, CrossPoint Church has gone through many changes, including its name and a site relocation. Though those early years proved to be a rough start, this church prevailed and continues to serve and minister to the Harrisburg area. Through these years, we have seen the development and growth of the CrossPoint Early Learning Center and the CrossPoint Preschool Program. These two learning facilities have made leaps and bounds in our community – providing care and God-centered teaching for children aged from infant to school-age. With a focus on small-groups, community, and ministry, CrossPoint Church has extended its reach into the lives of those in the neighborhood surrounding it, developing partnerships with facilities such as MorningStar and Northside Elementary School.

The Colonial Park area continues to expand; and with the continued loyalty and faithfulness of church leaders and members, we will continue to grow into a strong spiritual influence in the life of the community.

The congregation of CrossPoint Church thanks Almighty God and His Son, our Savior, for the joys and victories that have come to it throughout the years. The Church will be great only to the extent that the living Christ abides and operates in the lives of the leaders and of every member and friend. May His benediction rest upon all connected with the life of the church as we LOVE GOD, LOVE OTHERS AND MAKE DISCIPLES.