Dave Biser

Vision Pastor, Colonial Park Campus Pastor

Email: dbiser@xpointumc.org

Kent Wyatt

Director of Operations

Email: kwyatt@xpointumc.org

Josh Crump

Director of Multimedia

Email: jcrump@xpointumc.org

Vince Adelsberger

Pastor of Student Ministries/Contemporary Worship Leader


Jio Hardy

Student Ministries Colonial Park

Email: jhardy@xpointumc.org

Matt Reichard

Children and Family Ministries Pastor


Michelle Clark

Preschool Director

Email: nurseryschool@xpointumc.org

Suzanne Brubacher

CrossPoint Early Learning Center Director

Email: sbrubacher@xpointumc.org

Mary Lauchle

CrossPoint Early Learning Center Assistant Director

Email: mlauchle@xpointumc.org

Roger Mackey

Facilities Manager

Email: facilities@xpointumc.org

Sue Hiestand

Administrative Assistant

Lorraine Moritz


Email: lmoritz@xpointumc.org

Robert Frey

Handbell Ministries Director

Brenda Pulaski