Pastor’s Weekly Update

There’s No ‘I’ in Team

We’ve all heard the phrase about there being no letter “I” in the word team. It’s meant to say that being a team is not about individuality. A great team is made up of people who are gifted in many differing ways all bringing their God given talents together. The goal of the team is that everyone succeeds because everyone works together. For me, that is emphasized in my favorite sport…bicycle racing. Right now, the 21-day Tour de France bicycle race is going on. The examples of team work are endless as riders work together to try to win the day and to win the overall race as well. Some people sacrifice their chances to win for other team members. Some are given the task of making sure their team members have food and fresh water while over 200 riders are moving at 27 miles per hour.

When I watch the Tour, I’m reminded at how the Church of Jesus Christ is supposed to operate. We are called to give and take, to work together, to cheer on the best, to support each other, and at times – to sacrifice for the greater cause. When we bring our best gifts to the Church it’s like an athlete who brings their best to the game. And when everyone brings their best, the Church advances the cause of Jesus in the world we live in.

What would CrossPoint look like if everyone would bring their best and join their talents with everyone else for the benefit of the Kingdom of God? The world we live would be an amazing place. Let’s consider how CrossPoint can be that kind of church.

Shine On!