Pastor’s Weekly Update

New and Improved

Those three words can get our attention. We know that the old stuff, whatever the old stuff was, is now – somehow – better. It can be an ice cream flavor, a laundry detergent, a Buick, baby formula or cold medicine. When we see the words new and improved we expect to see something better, don’t we? It’s implied in the wording. So, let me tell you, God is in the practice of making new and improved people. It’s what God does best. God takes what was old, like the old Dave, and makes it into something that is new and improved. God has this amazing ability to see what we can become and is active in making that change happen.

This week we have seen the empty shell of the worship center at the Colonial Park campus turned into something new and improved. It had to look kind of ugly before it took on its new look, which is sometimes true with us. But, once God started working out all the kinks, the room started looking like the place God dreamed it would be.

So, what dreams does God have for the new and improved you? If you and I would be willing to go through the transformation of our lives, so that we could be what God has planned, I wonder what we might look like. I believe we would be the new and improved versions of what we are right now. Oh, and the wonderful thing is, God’s not done yet. There’s more beautifying that God would love to do with you. It might look a little ugly getting there but, God makes beauty from our ashes, new and improved from our old and exhausted. Give that a try and see what God can do.

Shine On!