Pastor’s Weekly Update

Remembering Is Hard

I’m going to a picnic on Sunday…surprise!! It seems to be the weekend for picnics, right? Here’s the problem, the guest of honor will not be there. Kevin died a little over a year ago. He started these picnics a year before he died and we all decided that we should keep them going, kind of a way to remember him. Kevin was a good friend to all who will be there and we’ll all spend time talking about how much we miss him.

That’s what this weekend is about…Memorial Day, a time to remember. But, if we’re honest, remembering is hard. I remember my grandparents, I remember friends I lost while in the military and I remember members of our church who have gone home to heaven. It always brings a tear to my eye when I remember them. As hard as that is, I also know that I don’t want to forget them. I don’t want to forget the good things that happened in my life because of those people.


There are tons of places in the Bible where God tells us we are supposed to remember all the things He has done for us. God gave us a memory for a reason…even if you feel yours is fading. Take time this weekend to remember. And if a tear come, it’s okay, that kind of goes with the territory.

Shine On!
Pastor Dave