Pastor’s Weekly Update


This week, we received our supply of CrossPoint pictorial directories from Life Touch, the company that produced them. The 9 months it took to get us to this point felt eerily similar to a gestation period.

The first 3-month trimester was euphoric – the time was spent scheduling and having our CrossPoint families sit for their portraits. During the second 3-month trimester, we settled in by creating & organizing the layout, design and content of the directory. During the last 3 month trimester however, we were just anxious for the end to come. There were numerous reviews, proofing sessions, checking and double checking the materials that were sent back and forth from Life Touch, to ensure the finished product was as accurate and complete as possible.

They’ve arrived and are available for distribution (names are labeled on each directory) at no charge for our families and individuals that had their photos taken. For those worshiping at the Colonial Park campus, they may be picked up at the Hospitality Station; South Hanover worshipers may get theirs at the CARDS table. The Campus Pastors at Rutherford and Midtown will provide information during their worship services as to where their directories can be obtained.

We have a small number of church directories that we’re making available to those who desire one, but did not have their photos taken for the directory. There will be a $5 charge for these, to offset production and distribution costs. Please contact the church office (545-1911) if you are interested in purchasing a church directory.