Highlights from Roadside Rest

Highlights from Roadside Rest with our Ignite Student Ministy

Open letter to the Congregations at CrossPoint UMC


First and foremost, praise be to our Creator God who blessed us so much this weekend. Second, thank-you for your generosity that allowed us to serve over 100 pounds of hot-dogs and hundreds of cups of coffee.

This is a fund-raiser but this year it was also a blessing to those of us that served.

  • This year we met a man who was in his 80’s. He and his wife, who were from New England were on their way to the Hershey Medical Center to visit his son. He had cancer and a stroke and was 40 years old.


  • a family who was living in their car, they gathered some coins from their car and got treats from the kids. The mom came back and talked to the volunteer on duty to thank them for providing this and was given hot dogs and more goodies.


  • A portion of the Rolling Thunder Motorcyclist stopped by on Friday as they always do and were very generous.


  • On Friday Night/Saturday morning a traveler was having trouble with her car. One shift helped her get to the AutoPart store for the part she needed since AAA could not guarantee that they could arrive before they closed. When this shift was leaving, the woman came over and asked for assistance again because she could not get the old part off. Long story short, two hours passed when he should have left, the volunteer from our congregation had her car started. He left to take his daughter home. The lady came down and thanked us for him and his partner for their help and gave us $40.00.


  • On Saturday, late night a couple in their 50’s came running up to our table and thanked us for doing this 24 hours. They were falling asleep on the road and knew we had been there on previous years and made it to this rest stop to get coffee, hot dogs and some cookies and took a short nap before starting on their way again.


  • One grandmom with 4 grandchildren all under 6 stopped for a rest and was surprised at the variety and hot dogs. She was able to feed her entire family and get treats for the road as well as a prayer for whatever she could donate. She was so happy to have a rest before 8 more hours of driving.


I could go on with all the ways miracles happened this weekend. Not just for us, Not because of the money, but because God gave us and our students the opportunity to serve him. We were blessed this weekend and you are a part of that blessing.

Thanks for all you do to support our young people and to be a blessing to the community!