Colonial Park Student Ministries Director
Jio has been involved in CrossPoint student ministry for 19 years. Her passion is making Jesus real for all youth and for them to experience the redeeming love and forgiveness of a passionate savior.

Campfire Group Leaders
Jon Nixon and Sue Stare – 2nd week of the month
Kathy Vujasin and Michelle Frye – 3rrd week of the month
Kelly Szboscan and Gail Owens – 4th week of the month

Middle School Bonfires @ Colonial Park
Boys SG Leaders – Andrew Barnes, Jon Nixon, Randy Swank and Joe Pulaski
Girls SG Leaders – Angie Jovanelly and Natalie Foxwell Oswald

High School Bonfires @ Colonial Park
Nikki and Chip Collins, Will and Laura Reems, Patti Robison, Ricki Gonzalez, Harleigh, Jon Nixon, and Randy Swank