Infant through 1/2 Day Kindergarten:

CrossPoint Christian Child Care integrates all developmental areas into your child’s day: cognitive, physical, social, emotional and spiritual.  All activities are developmentally appropriate for your child.

Weekly Tuition Rates

Effective January 1, 2019- December 31, 2019

Infants (6 weeks to 12 months)


Younger Toddlers (12 to 24 months)


Older Toddlers (2’s)


Preschool (3’s & young 4’s)


Pre-Kindergarten (4’s & 5’s)


1/2 Kindergarten (North Side Elementary)


Hybrid Kindergarten


Multiple child discount:

Families with two children enrolled receive a 10% discount on the older child’s fee.
Families with three children enrolled receive a 10% discount on the fees of the two oldest children.

Registration is twice a year in February and August.  All parents must complete registration paperwork at those times.  Registration fees are only paid once a year while paperwork is updated every six months.

Annual Registration 1 Child$60
Annual Registration Family$75